The Spirit in my Heart

The morning sun shining as I rise, A day a song and freedom 

The highways cry bellows at my door, Drawing on a feeling thats out of my control 

Eagles soar so majestically,  Northern lights are like rivers in the sky 

Mountains stand strong and full of grace,  My undying dreams are like natures calloused hands 

And I know, I know Ive got a spirit in my heart 

Yes I know, Theres just no way, no way to let that go 

So I keep it alive, The spirit in my heart  Yes I keep it alive,  The spirit in my heart 

A lost child full of broken dreams,  And I know my leaving caused so much empty pain 

Its been a month of Sundays since I followed that highway,  Ill get to where Im going before wind can blow my dreams away 


Just Live 

I’m not gonna sing about the heartache  I aint gonna sing about the pain 

Words come easy, but the truth is  I’ve got no time to waste on hate 

In a world that cares about freedom  There aint no place to hide the shame 

Of deception that controls the people  All the lies manipulation and game 

Just imagine where this roads gonna take us  Peoples lives are at stake everyday 

We’ll never know the real agenda  Ya gotta know that hate aint the way 

We all have rights and freedom  To say the way we feel 

And we’re all still brothers and sisters  So why not live and let live , just live 

We’re divided by the wedge of hatred  And blinded by the fog of greed 

Pick a side hunker down and dig in  And if you think your safe think again 

So I aint gonna sing about the heartache  And I aint gonna sing about the pain 

But in a world full lies and hatred  in the end, we’re all gonna pay 

And remember .…  What they want is never what they say



Does the song make the singer  Or the singer make the song 

I hear what you’re saying  I can see where you come from 

Out along the highway  Perspective is the view 

Mountains in the distance  The prairies fades into 

Does the game make the player  Or the player make the game 

Looking at a picture  Do we frame it quite the same 

What is your objective  Do you know what that implies 

Cuz its not about perspective  The waters gonna rise 

Trying to find an answer  Without compromise 

The question is conviction  Can we see the light 

Putting down the weapons  Might be wise 

Mother oceans gonna rise  If heat can’t leave the sky 

Respect her in the morning  Respect her in the night 

No matter how you see it  it should come as no surprise 

As her heartbeat pounds  Waves into the shore  

She gathers all her power  Carving pictures in the stone  

Look at the horizon  As blue fades into blue 

Out across the ocean  Perspective is the view 

Out across the ocean Perspective is the view 


Jamaican Wind 

Blowing dreams through the night  Somewhere they’re taking flight 

Taking stock of yourself  For the good of your soul and for your health 

Come on down and take a ride  Blowing dreams through the night 

Jamaican wind will set you free  Take a ride onto the sea 

Do it for freedom  Do it for good  Believe in yourself  And brotherhood 

Turn the inside out  Set the world on fire  Never forget  Your only a child 

Take a look at the mountain  And its magical ride 

See yourself and find the truth inside

 Let go of the jungle that brought you here  Up on a mountain you’ll want to be near

 Blowing dreams through the night  Come on down make it right  

Jamaican wind will set you free  Take the ride onto the sea 


The Leaving Train 

Stoned before breakfast  In the blues by noon 

That leaving train  That leaving train 

Ever since you done left me  Saying “It’s been good” 

That leaving train  That leaving train 

I don’t know where you’re headed  Cant tell whats goin on 

That leaving train  That leaving train 

These eyes aint clearly  What are you running from 

That leaving train  That leaving train 

The trains run right on time  Goin up and down the line 

They get to where they’re goin  Then they turn right back around 

If you wanna hop back on  And ride it on back to here 

When the train gets in the station  Ill be the guy waiting there 

Looking out the window  Watching you drive away 

Put a hole in my soul  Thats still in me today 

Stoned before breakfast  In the blues by noon 

That leaving train  That leaving train


Giving up the Ghost 

Im tired cause Ive been drinking  For way to many days 

Trying to drown the memory  Of the one that got away 

And the spirits in this bottle  Are no match for what we were 

But Im afraid the bottles winning  And its tearing up my soul 

Im trying to end this heartbreak  With a bottle full of lies 

Im haunted by the hope that lives  Behind these swollen eyes 

And Im hanging on a dream  But its time to set it down 

Im throwing off these chains  No more lying to myself 


Im giving up the ghost  That haunts me everyday 

Im ending this long struggle  And the hold its got on me 

Im getting back up on my feet  And letting go of what hurts most 

I aint missing your bad memory  Im giving up the ghost 


You said you needed freedom  Space so you can breath 

You said that you aint living  What you’re meant to be 

But I see you honky tonkin  All around this cold dark town 

Living your new meaning  Breathing freedom that you found 



The Vision 

You’re the one  That I see  In my dreams 

You’re the one  That I’ll see  On the edge of the universe 

And you make me feel so high  That I don’t think Im gonna die 

Ya you make me feel so high  That I don’t think Im gonna die 

Sometimes I think I see you  But it turns out all wrong 

And soon I will be gifted  And my life will be so full when you come 

Ya you make me feel so high  that I don’t think Im gonna die 

Ya you make me feel so high  That I don’t think Im gonna die 

Ya you make me feel so high  That I don’t think Im gonna die


My Silver Thunderbird 

Its 1980 and Im 22  I’ve got places to be and things to do 

So Im hitting the road in my brand new Ford  Riding the wind in my Thunderbird 

Taking the highway making her move  She loves the pavement so I give her the juice 

She’s metallic silver with tasty chrome  Beautiful lines a 302 in the hood 

Were rocking the tunes the country blues  Waylon Willie and the Eagles too 

Cant sit still , just gotta move  The road is our home , well be somewhere soon 

So with the rubber side down  And the windshield clean 

Were rollin ahead without any fear  Headed to town with the hammer down 

Keeping it in gear  And if ya see us flying down the road 

Don't worry about our load  We’ll be passing rigs all day long 

Me and my Silver Thunderbird


The North Shore Line 

We’ve all traveled  A lot of highway in our time 

But theres a stretch  Thats in our hearts and on our minds 

And its known as the North Shore Line 

And from the east  It starts in Sudbury 

And headed west  Down highway seventeen 

And it winds its way onto Sault Ste Marie 

And its up and down the north shore line 

Good old friends and family too  Lots wander off to see the world 

We all get back every now and then  The north shore line  Our back yard and our old friends 

Now its been years, since I headed west  Im settled now a great family and all the rest 

But I can’t ever let myself forget  The Huron shore, and all them big spruce trees 

And in the fall, all them coloured maple leaves 

Lakes and rivers, dusty backroads and old farms too 

And them old cars, them old cars got us around 

Those little bars, in all them little towns 

We had the Sinton, The O’Connor and the old Bayview 

Ya up and down the north shore line  All great people, old friends of ours 

Years go by but just the same  The north shore line is our home ground 

Where we were young and oh so free  The perfect place from where Im proud to be


News for a Song 

Today I heard from an old friend  Going back reminiscing old times 

Sharing news about the families  Out in the world doing fine 

In the spring we see warmer weather  And say goodbye to the cold dark days 

Look around and see our world come alive again  Gives us hope, helps the blues fade away 

These days its not always  The best of news for a song 

There must be something to grab onto  A little help so we can all sing along 

Whats the cost of just a smile  An orphaned boy that  gives out little toys 

Or jumping off a bridge to save a small girl  Maybe holding hands with the one you love 

These days its not always  The best of news for a song 

There must be something to grab onto  A little help so we can all sing along